Self background check with eXpress Check

Prove your reliability as an individual, get the Mintz guarantee!

Are you looking to be screened in order to:

  • Obtain full time or contract employment,
  • Volunteer or get involved in a sports, religion related or non-profit association,
  • Register for educational programs or internships,
  • Or obtain a mortgage or a rental property?

We provide simple and reliable screening tools


eXpress Check

eXpress Check offers a simple to use and efficient platform that caters to the needs of individuals. Requests are attended to in a timely manner and services offered stand up to Mintz’s proven exceptional level of service.


Fast and trusted screening

Our agreement with the police services and the RCMP allow our clients to proceed with their criminal record check and obtain reliable results in only a few hours. Also, our services for employment confirmations and even drivers’ abstracts help prove a candidate’s expertise, integrity and reliability.


Criminal Record verification

Do you have to provide a background check? Mintz Global Screening offers you a suite of criminal record check options, including: National criminal record checks, enhanced criminal record checks and Quebec provincial checks.


Employment Verification

Are you requested to confirm your previous work experience? This investigation will provide you with a comprehensive employment history, including the confirmation of employment start and end date, positions occupied, type of work performed, the reason for leaving and your eligibility for rehire.


Education Verification

Do you have to provide a verification of your diploma or certificate? Benefit from our screening agents’ expertise and international networks in educational institutions. Our screening agents validate the authenticity of any level of education completed as well as the legitimacy of the education institution that has granted it to you.


Driver Abstract

Do you have to validate your driving qualifications? Confirm the validity of your driver’s license, the class of your license or simply provide more details on your driver history.

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