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05.05.2021 :

Things to know before conducting an employment history check in Canada

Companies need reliable employees. But not all job candidates are honest, either on their resumes or in a job interview. To mitigate this phenomenon and avoid poor recruitment decisions, you can perform an employment history check before hiring a candidate. Let’s explore the subject together.

Employment history checks in Canada

In Canada, the law does allow for an employment history check to be conducted before hiring a candidate. However, for a recruiter, it can be appropriate to ensure that the position in question actually requires such verification. Similarly, before proceeding with this type of investigation, the written consent of the candidate should be obtained. It is also appropriate to explain to the person what information is being sought and the purpose of the check. In this era of privacy, and after completing the investigation, a recruiter must also ensure that the personal information they have collected is protected.

What are the main lies told by job applicants

It is not uncommon for a candidate to misrepresent, embellish exaggerate or out and out lie about the information they provide to a recruiter in order to maximize their chances of landing a position. To this end, what are the most common lies told? Not surprisingly, these include the exaggeration of titles, responsibilities and salary. The date and nature of a job likewise can be embellished. The falsification of studies, diplomas and work permits are also a problem. Bad hiring decisions based on misinformation can be very costly for a company. They can even have an impact on its reputation, operations and overall performance.

Who can perform the background check?

Any company can implement an internal background check policy. This practice can be expensive and complex to manage though. In order to simplify the investigation process, organizations often choose to outsource the process to a Canadian background check provider for several reasons.

First, companies do it to save time. Working with an external partner qualified in this field helps them streamline their recruitment process. Secondly, since this task is not performed internally, the company’s staff can focus on more revenue-generating functions, which in turn is more profitable. Companies also outsource the employment history check process to promote and ensure their compliance with applicable federal and provincial laws.

Team up with a trusted partner to check a candidate’s employment history

Checking the background of a job candidate is not an absolute necessity. Nevertheless, it allows a company to maximize its chances of hiring the most qualified candidate and ensures a healthy and safe work environment for all its employees. When recruiting your next employee, why not allow experts to vet your candidates’ employment history? You may be surprised what it reveals…

For more information on this subject, please visit the blog section of our website. And if you want to hire a reputable background screening company to check your next candidates’ employment history, contact us.