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Aerial view of workers on cement factory under construction with high concrete plant structure and tower cranes at industrial production area.

06.12.2021 : News

Distribution of fake safety certificates puts public at risk

In Alberta, the RCMP has Uncovered a Fraud Involving the Distribution of Thousands of Counterfeit Safety Certificates


On November 4th, the RCMP has uncovered a large-scale fraud involving the distribution and selling of thousands of counterfeit safety certificates across the western provinces of the country. The operation mostly involves first-aid and hydrogen sulphide awareness trainings as well as other safety courses.


The two major organizations affected by the fraud are the Canadian Red Cross with their Canadian Red Cross’s First Aid/CPR courses and Energy Safety Canada with their H2S-Alive® course. Investigators believe that if most of the fake certificates were distributed in Alberta, some might have crossed the near-province borders. While both organizations are closely working with the authorities on this issue, concerns have been raised regarding health and safety in the workplace.


“The Red Cross offers first aid and CPR training to help workplaces comply with both federal and provincial/territorial occupational health and safety legislation. Fraudulent certificates mean that training was not completed, which puts the safety and well-being of people in workplaces at risk.” said Jenn McManus, the vice-president for Canadian Red Cross in Alberta and Northwest Territories. Murray Elliot, the president and CEO of Energy Safety Canada has stated that “Safety training is one of many critical layers of controls in the industry. Ensuring workers are properly trained and certificates are valid is a priority. Falsifying safety certificates is a significant concern, one that impacts safety in the field.”


The Risk of Safety Certificates Fraud is Only Increasing


Unfortunately, as obtaining and verifying such certificates continues to be done more and more digitally, the risks of fraud are only increasing. Earlier this summer, as reported by the Montreal Gazette, a Montreal couple was arrested by the Montreal Police for allegedly producing and selling fake certificates for $800 each showing that the holders could become health-care assistants.


As technological advancement continues to offer more efficient ways to access information, some individuals will keep getting better at evading the safety protocols put in place to protect the authenticity of that information.


How To Prevent Such Fraudulent Schemes


Having a proper background check program in place should be the first step for any company that needs its employees or contractors to have professional credentials to perform their duties. Mintz Global Screening provides Professional Licence verifications for locations in Canada, the United States, and internationally. Due to the high number of “diploma mills” and fraudulent accreditation services, it is essential that we first determine the validity of the organization and their authority to issue diplomas/credentials. Mintz’s team conducts a direct verification through the official resources of the institution that issued the person’s credential.


To offer an effective way of conducting and accessing verified credentials, Mintz Global Screening has partnered with Credivera to create the cWallet: a simple mobile interface allowing employees and contractors to verify their work certifications. Built on blockchain technology, the cWallet offers irrefutable and auditable proof of valid certification in real time and eliminates administrative and human errors associated with managing out of date background checks, abstracts and certifications. This technology was built with regulatory and data privacy compliance at its core to give workers autonomy over who can access their information, and controlled permissions ensure that data can only be accessed by people with the right privileges.


To start verifying your workforce’s certifications and to obtain a preview of the cWallet, contact us now by clicking here.




05.02.2024 : News

Revealing beyond the resume: Introducing Open Source Media Search

In today’s interconnected world, an individual’s contributions extend far beyond the confines of their workspace. What they express, engage in, and how others perceive them can significantly influence a company’s reputation. At Mintz Global Screening, we understand the importance of gaining a holistic understanding of potential employees beyond the transcending facts and figures presented on their resumes.   We are thrilled to introduce our latest innovative service: Open Source Media…

business person holding mask

29.03.2022 : News

What happens when a candidate lies on their resume?

As a result of the greater accessibility of higher education, and the consequent increase in the number of people obtaining higher degrees than a few years ago, the competitiveness for top jobs has exploded. It is therefore no surprise that in order to increase their chances of being hired, more and more unscrupulous people decide to embellish or simply lie about their qualifications, experience or skills when applying for such…

Hr manager reading report

31.03.2021 : News

What does look bad on a background check?

Tips to undergo a background check   If you have just applied for a new position, chances are your potential future employer will ask you to undergo a background check as part of the hiring process. If this is your first background check, the process may seem intimidating and it is only natural to ask yourself what might be detrimental to your application or what might tilt the odds in…