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05.02.2019 : News

How to verify the authenticity of a candidate’s diploma for a position in Canada

Education is a very important factor for recruiters in a job selection process. After all, applicants acquire the knowledge and many of the skills necessary to perform a job during their academic training. This makes it crucial for hiring managers to check the authenticity of the diplomas mentioned in the job applications they deem interesting. But how do you do this?

Performing an education check is now essential

Every year, thousands of job applicants misrepresent their academic background in various ways.  Moreover, most recruiters agree that about 10% of people lie on their CVs about the diplomas they have earned, in particular by either stating that they have graduated from a program that has not really been completed or by mentioning a diploma that has questionable legitimacy.

Uncover candidates who lie about their academic background

An education verification begins by contacting the institution noted to have been attended by the candidate. If the candidate lied and did not complete their training or never undertook any studies, the college and university registrars and administrative offices will be able to verify this fact quickly and efficiently based on their records.

Detecting diplomas obtained from a “diploma mill”

While some candidates do have legitimate diplomas from accredited institutions others will invent fake academic backgrounds.  In recent years, there has been a large increase in the number of “diploma mills“, companies distributing many phony diplomas in exchange for money. These “diploma mills” are unaccredited and have no legitimate right to issue the diploma or degrees being distributed.

When conducting an academic background check, it is therefore essential to verify the authenticity of the educational institution that the candidate claims to have attended. It is equally essential to verify the legitimacy of the accreditation issued to those institutions.

Verify the legitimacy of training received abroad

With immigration to Canada at an all-time high or perhaps due to specific labour needs, companies often need to verify education credentials for institutions outside the country. The issue this exposes (besides “diploma mills” mentioned previously) is the equivalence of an education qualification and its Canadian equivalency.

The terms used to describe equivalent levels of training differ widely from one country to another, which can lead to confusion for recruiters. In these cases, it is clearly important to ensure that the candidate has the required credentials and that they have been issued by a reputable institution, and also that the training received is on par with the education training provided by Canadian institutions.

Contact Mintz Global Screening to validate a candidate’s diploma

As you can see the complexity and time involved in validating a candidate’s diploma is often underestimated.

This is why Mintz Global Screening offers companies personalized support in their recruitment process for new employees. By providing recruiters with timely and detailed reports on the academic background of their candidates, companies can ensure that their most interesting prospects truly possess the diplomas and qualifications mentioned in their CV.

Contact Mintz Global Screening now to optimize your hiring process.

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29.03.2022 : News

What happens when a candidate lies on their resume?

As a result of the greater accessibility of higher education, and the consequent increase in the number of people obtaining higher degrees than a few years ago, the competitiveness for top jobs has exploded. It is therefore no surprise that in order to increase their chances of being hired, more and more unscrupulous people decide to embellish or simply lie about their qualifications, experience or skills when applying for such… Lire la suite »

Aerial view of workers on cement factory under construction with high concrete plant structure and tower cranes at industrial production area.

06.12.2021 : News

Distribution of fake safety certificates puts public at risk

In Alberta, the RCMP has Uncovered a Fraud Involving the Distribution of Thousands of Counterfeit Safety Certificates   On November 4th, the RCMP has uncovered a large-scale fraud involving the distribution and selling of thousands of counterfeit safety certificates across the western provinces of the country. The operation mostly involves first-aid and hydrogen sulphide awareness trainings as well as other safety courses.   The two major organizations affected by the… Lire la suite »

Hr manager reading report

31.03.2021 : News

What does look bad on a background check?

Tips to undergo a background check   If you have just applied for a new position, chances are your potential future employer will ask you to undergo a background check as part of the hiring process. If this is your first background check, the process may seem intimidating and it is only natural to ask yourself what might be detrimental to your application or what might tilt the odds in… Lire la suite »