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12.11.2019 :

What are the challenges with international employee background check?

While background checks already have their share of challenges, they are all the more important in an era of globalization and privacy. Hiring employees who have worked abroad adds complexity to the verification process on several levels.

Are you planning to background check a potential immigrant employee or someone who has worked abroad? Read on to familiarize yourself with the different challenges involved and avoid unpleasant surprises.

Background checks for international employees

According to Statistics Canada, during the past ten years, “Most of the growth in immigrant employment was in professional, scientific and technical services; finance, insurance, real estate and leasing services; manufacturing as well as health care and social assistance.” For positions in those industries, background checks are mandatory and can turn out to be complex, particularly in terms of compliance with applicable laws of the countries a candidate as professional experience in.

A process that varies depending on the employee’s country of professional experiences

The background check process varies from country to country: while some are similar to Canada, some are regulated by very different laws. Regardless of the employees’ country of professional experience, the screening needs to be carried out based on the specific procedures of the country in question.

Constraints regarding the protection of the employee’s privacy

In our digital age, privacy has become a global challenge. However, its application can significantly complicate the background check process, especially when it comes to background checks on employees who have worked abroad: not all countries have the same understanding of privacy and do not protect it in the same way.

This is a considerable challenge since the laws and regulations of the foreign country must be respected: if an employee’s criminal record is considered a private matter protected by their country, the employer may not be able to access it.

How to check an employee’s background while respecting their privacy

It is mandatory to seek the candidate’s consent before starting the investigation to avoid privacy issues. It is also important to ensure that only the information necessary for the job is retrieved and that the employee is informed of the personal information obtained.

Finally, it is the employer’s responsibility to keep personal information safe and delete it when it is no longer needed.

Work with experts to conduct background checks on international employees

When it comes to employees who have worked in a foreign country, background checks can quickly become complicated to manage. If you are in this situation, don’t hesitate to ask for the services of a background check provider.

For over 95 years, we have been the most trusted provider in Canada, both for the reliability of our services and for our ability to work within constraints. If you need help screening your employees, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help you in your efforts.