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mike and computer for a radio podcast

02.11.2021 : Media coverage

Mintz Director interview on HRChat : How reference checks have changed

Last month, Bill Banham and the HRchat podcast featured pre-employment screening specialist Michael Boyce, Director of Business Growth & Marketing at Mintz, to discuss the role of background checks in hiring decisions when it comes to top talent.

In this episode, Mike and Bill discuss hot topics regarding the industry, client needs and challenges related to implementing background checks into a company’s hiring process.



Listen to the full podcast on your usual platform, make sure to check out the other HRchat episodes for insightful conversations on HR matters and click here to contact us for advices on your background check practises!

05.03.2016 : News, Media coverage

Do you really know your candidates?

Thanks to globalized markets, people are changing jobs much more frequently than ever before.

08.03.2015 : News, Press releases, Media coverage

Pre-Employment Background Check: A safe workplace in the making

Why do clients have the requirement for a background check? What do I do with the information once I have it? Am I even legally allowed to ask for this information?