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Hr manager reading report

31.03.2021 : News

What does look bad on a background check?

Tips to undergo a background check


If you have just applied for a new position, chances are your potential future employer will ask you to undergo a background check as part of the hiring process. If this is your first background check, the process may seem intimidating and it is only natural to ask yourself what might be detrimental to your application or what might tilt the odds in your favour when reading your background check report.


First of all, if your recruiter asks you to submit to a background check, rest assured that your file is of interest to the company and that you have passed the first stage of selection. Hiring managers will use background check reports to ensure that the files of the applicants in contention are consistent with what was presented to them in order to avoid any unpleasant surprises.


In Mintz Global Screening’s experience, there are generally three types of elements that can hinder your application if they show up in your report :


  1. Inconsistencies,
  2. Bad references,
  3. Convictions that are relevant to the position you are applying for.


Inconsistencies in a file


According to Mintz statistics, about 22% of applicants alter their CVs. Most often by changing dates to fill a lack of activity, sometimes by embellishing job names or adding responsibilities. And in 8% of cases, some people lie about their diplomas or accreditations. A thorough background check will reveal any discrepancies between what is written on a resume and the reality, and considering the magnitude of the problem, this is probably the first thing your recruiter will look at when reading your file. When sharing your work history with your recruiter and in some cases with their background check provider, be careful to provide information that is as accurate as possible. Pay attention to the terminology of the positions you have held, the dates and also the location of your former companies, schools, educational institutions, etc.


Bad references


As a applicant, references are an excellent way to set yourself apart from your competition. In fact, while allowing information to be cross-checked with your CV and the results of an employment verification, professional references are a good tool for recruiters to get an idea of your personality at work. In addition to providing an overview of your tasks, performance and qualifications, a good reference will highlight your interpersonal skills, communication skills and general behaviour. So be sure to choose your references carefully. Prefer managers who have worked closely with you and who will be able to share information relevant to your candidacy. Above all, let the selected individuals know that you have given their contact information for a reference.


Criminal Convictions


Please note that just because you have a conviction on file does not mean that your application will be rejected. Recruiters know that just because you made a mistake in your past does not mean you are not a good candidate. What hiring managers will look at is the nature and severity of the charges on your file, and whether they can be linked to the position you are applying for. However, be careful to be transparent with your recruiters. It is always better to explain yourself and discuss the situation verbally rather than waiting for them to discover a criminal record after a criminal background check. Not disclosing conviction(s) will be frowned upon, no matter how serious the facts are.h


Transparency is the key


The golden rule for a successful background check is transparency. Generally speaking, recruiters will first look to see if your file contains any inconsistencies with the information you have presented to them in order to assess, on the one hand, whether your application is suitable for the position and, on the other hand, your honesty. Lying or omitting information during your hiring process will harm your application and could cost you a job. Mintz therefore advises you to prepare and organize your information in order to put all the chances on your side.


In fact, don’t hesitate to consult our article “How to prepare for a background check” to make your experience as easy as possible. Going through a background check by yourself before going through this process for potential future employers is also an excellent way to know what to expect. Mintz Global Screening offers background checks for individuals that will allow you to have your resume checked and give you peace of mind for future experiences. Contact us to learn more about our eXpress Check program.

business person holding mask

29.03.2022 : News

What happens when a candidate lies on their resume?

As a result of the greater accessibility of higher education, and the consequent increase in the number of people obtaining higher degrees than a few years ago, the competitiveness for top jobs has exploded. It is therefore no surprise that in order to increase their chances of being hired, more and more unscrupulous people decide to embellish or simply lie about their qualifications, experience or skills when applying for such… Lire la suite »

Aerial view of workers on cement factory under construction with high concrete plant structure and tower cranes at industrial production area.

06.12.2021 : News

Distribution of fake safety certificates puts public at risk

In Alberta, the RCMP has Uncovered a Fraud Involving the Distribution of Thousands of Counterfeit Safety Certificates   On November 4th, the RCMP has uncovered a large-scale fraud involving the distribution and selling of thousands of counterfeit safety certificates across the western provinces of the country. The operation mostly involves first-aid and hydrogen sulphide awareness trainings as well as other safety courses.   The two major organizations affected by the… Lire la suite »

mental health in the workplace book

18.02.2021 : News

Join our webinar – Mental Health Issues in the Work Place

Stop Hiding and Start Living, a mental health focused Webinar by Dr. Bill Howatt on February 25, 2021   Mintz Global Screening is proud to announce its exciting collaboration with Dr. Bill Howatt, Ph.D., Ed.D, one of Canada’s top experts in mental health issues in the workplace and has more than 30 years of experience in the field of mental health, addiction, and HR consulting. On February 25, 2021, meet us online for a much-needed talk.  … Lire la suite »