Mintz Global Screening offers you the ability to conduct a civil record check of an individual to find out if the person in question has ever been the subject of a civil suit, such as a breach of contract or non-payment. This is a vital precaution to ensure a candidate's reliability, since this type of dispute does not necessarily appear in a criminal record.

To ensure that you obtain reliable information quickly, Mintz Global Screening works with an extensive network of highly credible partners. Our team of experienced screening specialists' personalized approach provides you with all the information you need to make informed decisions.


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Why use our civil record check service?

What if the contractor you are about to employ had been sued by his last three employers for breach of contract?

A clean criminal record does not guarantee the person sitting in front of you is honest. In many professional contexts, a person's civil record will reveal as much as possible about the true nature of your potential partner.

Civil litigation record searches are conducted using a court's archives. The search reveals files in the jurisdiction in question that indicate the candidate's involvement in active, pending or settled cases. The results usually include the name of the plaintiff and defendant, the nature of the dispute, the amount claimed (if available) and the decision rendered on the claim.

Why choose the Mintz civil record check service?

With a name that has resonated for over 90 years in the background check services industry, we have acquired the skills and contact network that are essential to providing you with a wealth of relevant information about your candidates. With the support of our team of screening specialists, you will be able to better assess the quality of the applications you receive and make informed hiring decisions.

In addition, by choosing our civil record check service, you benefit from unique advantages:

  • Extensive contact network with courts, court officers and court clerks across the country
  • Results usually include details of the claim, the amounts involved and the decision rendered
  • Ability to conduct further research to obtain more details on the claim or decision
  • Results available in real-time on our secure website

Would you like to know more about our civil record check service?

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