Mintz Global Screening offers you the opportunity to quickly and conveniently conduct online reference checks of a candidate with our eReference platform. This innovative tool has the potential to save you valuable time during a rigorous hiring process.


Rapidly get the references you want with a fast and flexible process.


Access your candidates' references, no matter where you are.


Make sure you hire a candidate with the actual skills required for the job.

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Why use our online reference check service?

Gone are the days when the best way to reach a reference was to call them at the office between 9 and 5.

With the hectic pace of business today, it is becoming increasingly difficult to plan a reference interview with a manager. This problem can sometimes lead to unnecessary delays in the processing of a background check.

Capitalizing on innovative technologies, Mintz Global Screening has developed the eReference tool to address a glaring industry need for a faster and more flexible way to check references.

eReference is an online platform that enables electronic reference collection. Easy to use anywhere, anytime, this tool gives respondents the unparalleled flexibility to provide your candidate's references as soon as they are available, using any device.

Why choose the Mintz Global Screening eReference service?

With nearly a century of experience in background checks, our team of auditors has all the expertise needed to quickly provide you with reliable information about your candidates.

When choosing our exclusive eReference service, you benefit from unique features:

  • Platform accessible from almost any device.
  • Available 24 hours a day in dozens of languages.
  • Customizable questionnaires.
  • Unlimited number of references per candidate.
  • Identifying information capture to ensure data security and reliability.
  • Email and SMS notifications.
  • References contacted automatically upon receipt of the request.
  • Results available instantly on our secure website.

Want to learn more about our online reference check service?

If you want to know more about the investigation and research methods that we use to perform candidate reference checks, do not hesitate to contact our team of auditors!