Mintz Global Screening offers comprehensive credit check services that allow you to obtain relevant credit information about an credit experience, loans and outstanding debts.

With extensive credit check experience, Mintz Global Screening works with trusted partners that have a high reputation for reliability, guaranteeing credible information that will help you make the best decisions possible.


For a position requiring financial trust, make sure you only deal with individuals who have an appropriate credit record


Hire candidates with credit records that prove their management capabilities


Make informed business decisions with the most relevant information

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Why use our credit check service?

Approximately 37% of thefts and fraud is committed by employees.

Financial responsibilities can take many forms within your business: managing petty cash, managing accounts, working in IT and more. All of these roles involve a high degree of responsibility on the part of employees to prevent putting your organization at risk.

A credit check provides the relevant information you need to properly assess and manage risk within your business. You will receive a detailed report that will provide you with your candidates’ credit ratings, details of their outstanding and prior debts and a confirmation of their personal information.

As an external source of personal information (identity and employment history), a credit report is also a valuable tool to help businesses prevent the risk of candidates deceiving the background check process by providing false information about their identity.

Why choose our credit check service?

With more than 90 years of experience in the field of background checks, our team of agents is highly equipped to share the information you need to properly assess a candidate’s reliability and risk.

When you choose our credit check services, you benefit from unique features:

  • Long-standing partnership with one of North America's leading credit agencies
  • Expert compliance team to ensure data accuracy
  • Social Insurance Number (SIN) validation
  • Different credit rating options (credit rating, bankruptcy risk, identity fraud)
  • Results available in real-time on our secure website
  • Flexible process, customizable result matrices
  • Global audit capability (where permitted by law)
  • Data stored in Canadian databases

Want to know more about our credit check services?

If you would like to learn more about our methods of handling and information retrieval for your candidates’ credit reports, do not hesitate to contact our team!