Mintz Global Screening offers you the opportunity to validate the status and credibility of a professional credential or accreditation as well as a candidate’s membership in an order or association. This background check service can also include a list of disciplinary measures.

In addition to providing credible information on an applicant’s real profile, leaving this procedure to the care of our auditors also ensures you benefit from a fast and personalized service, focused on the real needs of your organization. You will be able to recruit qualified individuals more quickly.


Hire truly qualified workers for the position to be filled


Avoid fines or harming your professional reputation


Work with auditors to provide you with reliable information

Get in touch with our background check specialists.

Why use our professional credential and accreditation verification service?

Fines, work accidents, fraud ... hiring a non-accredited person is expensive.

Every year, many companies face hefty fines, fraudulent acts that could ruin their reputation or tragic work accidents caused by hiring people who did not hold the certifications they claimed to have.

Verifying credentials and accreditations is a fast and affordable way to protect your business from any responsibility for hiring an uncertified person and, most importantly, to avoid hiring someone who is simply not qualified for the job.

Mintz Global Screening has an extensive contact network in professional associations around the world. These partnerships can quickly verify the legitimacy of an organization and a candidate’s status.

When you hire our experienced auditors, you can quickly find out if a candidate really possesses the credentials and accreditations he claims to possess.

Why choose our services to verify that a candidate truly is a member of a professional association?

With more than 95 years of experience in its field of business, Mintz Global Screening has undeniable unique expertise in our industry as well as reliable and efficient working methods. This expertise is reflected by great rigour in our investigative methods. Moreover, our consultative approach has earned us the trust of many clients and partners who regularly use our background screening services.

When choosing our professional credential verification or professional association membership validation service, you benefit from unique advantages:

  • Contact network in professional associations around the world
  • Disciplinary measures and sanctions optionally included in the results
  • Short processing time
  • Results available in real-time on our secure website

Would you like to learn more about our professional credential and accreditation verification service?

If you want to know more about how our auditors can help you gather reliable information about your candidates and assist you in finding the best talent for your organization, do not hesitate to contact us!